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Simon Meat Locker is owned and operated by Cody and Becca Simon; proud Kansans and K-State Alumni. Our mission is to bring local livestock producers together with local consumers. We strive to provide the best quality, custom processing services to producers that may be in search of alternative markets for their locally raised livestock. We look forward to working with you and bringing rural Kansas opportunities and growth!
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Our Story

Our story began when the demand for quality, fair-priced meats was on the rise and the options for local livestock producers were suddenly exposed to the vulnerabilities of the meat processing industry. We saw an opportunity to serve our state and local community by providing jobs and most importantly, filling freezers with meat that came from our hard-working farmers and neighbors. We have worked closely with the Kansas Small Business Development Center to develope a plan that ensures permanent, local business opportunities, as well as the Kansas Department of Agriculture to ensure our plan will provide state-level certification and inspection services for our customers. 
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